20 years experience in Software Development and Systems Engineering of Complex Web Backends. Consultant, Java, CoreMedia CMS, SAP hybris e-Business Suite and individual Software with Spring Frameworks. API, Webservices, MQ, Interfaces, Databases from MySQL to Oracle RAC and NoSQL to Objectivity/DB. Application Management, Data Center, Java EE, Unix and Linux. Software Design, Consulting. Customers: e-Commerce, Automotive, Utility, Retail, Customs/Logistics, Datacenter, Real Estate, eGoverment, Public Relations, Intranet.

This is one of my private Websites.

Here are some JavaScript Programs I have developed: HTML5-Lab for JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5

Here is my Blog about IT and Software Development: Blog

Continous Integration. Here I am hosting the project pages of my github projects generated by maven site plugin: